Who Is Elvan Gruda, The Daughter Of Aysen Gruda? Who Is Aysen Gruda’s Ex-Husband?

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Who Is Elvan Gruda, The Daughter Of Aysen Gruda? Who Is Aysen Gruda’s Ex-Husband?

Who Is Elvan Gruda, The Daughter Of Aysen Gruda? Who Is Aysen Gruda’s Ex-Husband?

Ayşen Gruda ve Eşi Yılmaz Gruda Kızları Elvan Gruda

Ayşen Gruda ve Eşi Yılmaz Gruda Kızları Elvan Gruda

The sad news from Ayşen Gruda yesterday was greeted with sorrow in all of Turkey. Ayşen Gruda, one of Yeşilçam’s veteran players, died at the hospital where he was treated yesterday. The funeral of the famous actress will be buried tomorrow at the incir well Cemetery. After the death of Aysen Gruda, his daughter Elvan Gruda and her ex-husband, Yılmaz Gruda, were wondering who she was? Here are the curious ones about Elvan and Yılmaz Gruda.

The Turkish theater and cinema actor, who has been in intensive care for some time, has closed his eyes to Aisha Gruda, 74 years old. The hospital said in a statement, “pancreatic cancer and we lost her because of bleeding,” the statement said.

Divorced years ago, Aysen Gruda and Yılmaz Gruda met in the drama Game, adapted by their daughter Elvan Gruda in 2016. Elvan Gruda, his mother Ayşen Gruda and his father Yılmaz Gruda were brought to the stage.



Aysen Gruda married Yılmaz Gruda in 1965. He had a daughter named Elvan. Aysen Gruda, who’s got one granddaughter, has a granddaughter named Emre.


Yilmaz Gruda (born July 14, 1930, Istanbul), Turkish theater, cinema and series actor, poet, playwright, translator.

Gruda left the education process in Ankara Trade High School and the poems written by Gruda was published in various magazines in 1950s. He started his career at Cep Theater in 1956 and continued at the Küçük Theater of the Ankara State Theater. He also worked in Ankara Meydan Sahnesi and Nisa Serezli. For a while, he returned to the civil service and worked as an accountant. Muammer Karaca directed the theater. The former wife of Ayşen Gruda, the artist is also one of the poets who created the blue movement with Attilâ İlhan. Gruda’s works also include theater plays and interpretations of traditional Turkish theater and Chekhov. The artist has published works. Yilmaz Gruda, who is in front of the camera,


Ayşen Gruda ve Kocası Yılmaz Gruda ve Kızı Elvan Gruda

Ayşen Gruda ve Kocası Yılmaz Gruda ve Kızı Elvan Gruda

Ayşen Gruda was born on 30 November 1945 in İstanbul. It is known as tomato beauty. His father, Ayşen Gruda, a train engineer, is the median of the Three sisters. His older sister Ayten chose acting and took part in Avni Dilligil’s theater team. Ayşen wanted to be a lawyer, but his father died. Acting as a high school student, he started acting when he was a high school student. Gruda’s stepping into the theater began when Tevfik Bilge took his place in the touring theater crew. In one of the tours, he met and married the theater actor Yılmaz Gruda at Ankara Meydan Sahnesi. She took a break from the theater for a while when she gave birth to a daughter named Elvan. But this marriage did not last long. Ayşen Gruda, who was Erman from the first name, did not change his surname after being divorced because of his surname. Although he played in the theater for 16 years and was not known much, he became famous at the time of the event in 1977 with one night. The sketches of tomatoes played in an entertainment program on TV, Nahide Sherbet typing of the public at a time entered the hearts.

Adile Nasit’s close friend with his introduction to the director Ertem Egilmez’la came into the world of cinema in an instant. Ertem Eğilmez gave him a small role in the film Hababam Sınıfı. Later, he began to appear in many films. In many comedy films of Yeşilçam, he performed with prominent names such as Şener Şen, Kemâl Sunal and İlyas Salman. She appeared opposite many of the feature films, TV series and theater.

Tatli-genc.com Ayşen Gruda

Tatli-genc.com Ayşen Gruda

His motion picture films include:

I Love You Man (2014), I Don’t Like Markets (2012) – Feyziye, Kağıt (2010)

Gece Gündüz (2008) – Hayriye, The Man Who Saved the World (2006) – Safiye ana, The First Love (2006) – Hatice, Hacivat Karagöz Why was he killed? (2006) – Mother of Karagöz, Keloğlan Against Karaprens (2006) – Sultan, Hababam Class Hello (2003) – Ayşe Hanım, Şenlik Var (1994), Nick Me (1993), Aile Pension (1987), Mobile Kamil (1987) – Gülbahar, Ağa Bacı (1986), Aşık Oldum (1985) – İnci, Uyanıklar Dünyası (1985), Namuslu (1985), Fakir Milyoner (1985), Şendul Şaban (1985) – Ayşen, Great Selection in Gırgıryada 1984) – Sevim, Şekerpare (1983) – Peyker, Flower Abbas (1982), Doctor Civanım (1982), Dolap Beygiri (1982) – Hacer, Görgüsüzler (1982), Hababam Class Güle Güle (1981) – Melahat, Davaro (1981) Gırgıriye (1981), Gırgırede Şenlik Var (1981) – Sevim, Color World (1980), Doctor (1979), Oriental Bülbülü (1979), Avanak Apti (1978),

Her television series include:

Together we leave (series, 2015) – Guest Player, Five Brothers, Mirror of My Soul, Galip Derviş (2014) – Nine (Guest Actor), Hoştanlı – Tinned House (2013), Leyla and Mecnun (series), Petekle Number 10, Mediatic , Mixed Family, Forced President, Family Head, Mert and Gert, Night Day, Two Families, Fessupanallah, Storm, Are You Not, Fall Fire, Uncle, Mother Lamb, Carefree, Master, Cream, Travel, Will Our Home ?, Sultan Office.

Featured games:

A very strange thing happened last night while traveling on the road, Cooperative Truth Company-Haldun Dormen, Papaz Esdi-Philip King, Our Class-Ferhan Sensoy, Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz-Sadık Şendil, Hababam Class Musical-Rıfat Ilgaz, Deve Bird Cabaret-Haldun Taner, Candle Söndü-Müsahipzade Celal, Ah I was married I could not marry Wah.

Tatli-genc.com Ayşen Gruda Resimleri 1

Tatli-genc.com Ayşen Gruda Resimleri


Ayşen Gruda was born on 30 November 1944 as the middle daughter of Erman Family in a mansion used as headquarters in Yeşilköy in Istanbul during the Ottoman period. His father was a black train engineer. His comedic talent was discovered by his parents as he was faking his Armenian neighbors in the houses of Yeşilköy in childhood. His father passed away in high school two. Because of the shortage of livelihood, he left school and started working. His brother Ayben Erman and his older sister Ayten Erman would be like him. In one of his sketches for television, she was nicknamed “Tomato Miss Nahide Sherbet”. Ayşen Gruda began playing professional acting in Tevfik Bilge’s touring theater. His first role was in 1962 as a small servant in the vaudeville “The Congress Is Enjoying”.

Ayşen Erman met and married with theater actor Yılmaz Gruda at Ankara Meydan Sahnesi. When his daughters Elvan was born, Ayşen Gruda took a break from the theater for a while. This marriage lasted long. Ayşen Gruda continued to use her last name after she divorced Yilmaz Gruda.

Ayşen Gruda later took part in the core team of Ertem Eğilmez along with his close friend Adile Naşit.

Ayşen Gruda took part in “Mum Söndü H, edi Deve Bird Cabaret Müzik, am Hababam Class Musical”, “Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz S and musicals. In addition to theater, he acted in sketches and series on many television programs. She played in cinema films such as Tosun Paşa, “Milk Brothers Cem, yönetmen Şabanoğlu Şaban ında, adı Şabanoğlu Şaban ar, Türk Hababam Sınıfı em, Türk Neşeli Günler”. Yılmaz, Ozan Güven, Zafer Algöz, Özkan Uğur, Çağlar Çorumlu, Şirincan Çakıroğlu and Tülin Özen.

Ayşen Gruda married the actor Yılmaz Gruda in 1965. She had a daughter named Elvan. This marriage lasted long. They divorced.



Dear My Neighbor (2018) Nebahat 
My Father’s Jacket (2018) My 
Grandfather’s Plug (2016) 
Bad Cat Şerafettin (2016) – Hasene (vocalization) 
I Love You Man (2014) – Grandmother Very 
Soon (2014) – Remziye 
Pazarları Yok Sevmem (2012) 
Paper (2010) – Sahane Hanım 
Night Day (2008) – Hayriye 
The Man Who Kills The World (2006) – Safiye ana 
İlk Aşk (2006) – Hatice 
Hacivat Karagöz Why was he killed? (2006) – Mother of Karagöz 
Against Keloğlan Karaprens (2006) – 
Class of Sultan Hababam Hello (2003) – Ayşe Hanım 
Şenlik Var (1994) 
Rumuz Sev Beni (1993) 
Super Dad (1988) – Edalı 
Family Pension (1987)
Seyyar Kamil (1987) – Gülbahar 
Ağa Bacı (1986) 
Aşık Oldum (1985) – İnci 
Uyanıklar Dünyası (1985) 
Namuslu (1985) 
Milyoner (1985) Şendul Şaban (1985) – Ayşen 
Gırgıre Big Selection (1984) – Sevim 
Şekerpare ( 1983) – Peyker 
Flower Abbas (1982) 
Doctor Civanım (1982)


Mesut Yar With Laf It (2018) – Guests 
Our Story (2018) 
Relationship Status: Married 
Relationship Status: Mixed 
Ayrılsak da Beraberiz (TV series, 2015) – Guest player 
five brothers 
of my soul mirror 
winner Dervish (2014) – Nine (guest player) 
Hoştanl of – Tin Palace (2013) 
Leyla and Majnun (array) 
of honeycomb 10 Number 
Mixed Families 
forced President 
Family Head 
Mert ile Gert

Tatli-genc.com Ayşen Gruda 2

Tatli-genc.com Ayşen Gruda


A Very Strange Thing When It was Going Down on the Road Last Night The Shares of 
Shares in the Cooperative Wale-Haldun Dormen 
Escaped-Philip King 
Our Class-Ferhan Şensoy 
Yedi Kocalı

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